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Would you like to be part of a brand new entertainment ADVENTURE? We are casting participants for this new travel/lifestyle show - Around The World in 80 Dances - where the selected individuals will have a blast taking a lesson for a dance that is related to that region, then shopping, dining, and finally - going out on the town to dance!  This is a show about style, culture, destinations, and the fun of social dancing, and we’re looking for great personalities and all types to participate!

We are also looking forward to hearing YOUR story with social dancing.  Have you ever tried it? Is it on your bucket list to someday learn to dance? Have you always wanted to, but your spouse isn’t as interested? Or perhaps you have felt a little intimidated by it, are shy or self-conscious, or afraid to attend a dance class alone…but really want to know how? Are you tired of club dancing, and ready to know how to whisk a girl around on a dance floor, leading and following?  Do you dream of a beautiful first dance at your wedding? When you watch others dance together, do you secretly wish you could do that too? Maybe you have done a little dancing, and love the idea of trying more styles, expanding your horizons!

The first episode of this exciting web series is being shot soon in Northern California, and we are planning future episodes and styles of dance to be featured all over the world.  So if you’re an all-around fun or enthusiastic person (or part of a dating or married couple) and would like to be part of this social dance adventure, or just love to try new things, here’s what to do:  

Register online for free at, fill out a profile with a headshot or picture.  Once registered, you can then submit your headshot and personal profile for casting consideration to Around the World in 80 Dances - or for other roles/shows that are featured on this casting site.  Just choose a subscription fee of only $5.00 for an entire month, or $48.00 a year subscription - and you may submit for an unlimited number of roles and shows posted there.  Once registered, you will also be notified of any new roles that come in fitting your profile and you can submit your info for consideration, and lots of opportunities are coming up soon!  And, once you submit to Around the World in 80 Dances, you WILL hear back from someone, no matter what!

We welcome submissions from all people, all ages 18 & up, and all backgrounds -- you don't need to have any dance experience....just a desire or interest in learning, and ready to have some fun!  We strongly encourage couples as well. To be considered for the upcoming first episode shooting early this summer, make sure to register and submit your info to by June 15 (and the sooner the better).  Otherwise, all submissions will also be considered for future episodes

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Lucinda Chrisman~Creator and Host •